The Next Generation of Crop Care

Kugler KQ Fertility Programs are based on the concept of split applications for all major crops grown in your operation. They've developed outstanding quality fertilizers, and split application methods that ensure your crops receive essential nutrients at every step of the of the way. The benefits of split applications with Kugler KQ fertilizer have been proven season after season —because you're providing your plants with the right fertilizer, in the right place, and at the right time. Applications of this nature are more efficient and preferable to one-time broadcast applications for a variety of economic and environmental of reasons.

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Developing an effective fertility plan.  Here are the factors;

Crop. What you're growing and the hybrid/variety you choose will affect the type of nutrients you apply—and when you apply them.

Soil pH. The acidity or alkalinity of your soil determines how readily available the nutrients are to your plants. See Effects of pH.

Soil Nutrients. A comprehensive soil test will tell you what's available and the capacity of your soil to store nutrients. See Soil Tests.

Water Analysis. Knowing the nutrients in your water can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Kugler KQ fertility program.

Management Methods. Ridge-till, no-till or ecofallow? Gravity irrigation or pivot? It all matters in your fertilizer program.

Field History. Every field is different—and it's important to know where you're starting so you can measure the success of your Kugler KQ fertilizer program.

Other Factors. Soil temperature, planting date, compaction and other factors are also important to consider in your fertility program.

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