Improve crop yield from the ground up.


BlackEarth Agricultural Products

Agro-Tech provide's a wide variety of Black Earth dry and liquid products made from humalite – the highest quality humus material in North America. All of Black Earth’s dry agricultural products contain at least 80% humic acid…guaranteed. Additionally, most of Black Earth’s agricultural products are listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).


BlackEarth Agricultural Products

Farmers who like to get the most out of their land use Black Earth products to improve crop health and total yield. The potent benefits of Black Earth Humic in revitalizing soil and stimulating plant growth are evident ‘from the ground up’...from more vigorous roots and stems to healthier leaves to more robust grains, fruits and vegetables.

Agricultural applications for Black Earth Humic Bio-Stimulants

Supplementing soil with humics is much sought-after in the agricultural world - large-scale farming and specialty horticulture alike are focused on building up the organic constituents of soil. By improving soil texture, increasing water retention, providing available carbon to soil and promoting the growth of living cells (in the plants themselves and the microorganisms that contribute to healthy soil), humics make your farmland as fertile and productive as nature intended.

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